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Sitting is the New Smoking

Posted by Phil Black


Smoking used to be the big villain when it came to health and wellness. Thanks to decades of education and marketing, smoking isn't nearly as prevalent or accepted as it used to be. We need a similar effort when it comes to the newest villain - sitting.

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52 Habits for a Happy, Fulfilling Life

Posted by Phil Black


  1. Don't sit back and wait for instructions. Be a leader.
  2. Don't watch the news
  3. Reinvent yourself
  4. Talk to people in line at the grocery store. Leave the phone in your pocket.
  5. Leave big tips
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7 Reasons to Eat Breakfast

Posted by Phil Black



Yes, breakfast still ranks as the most important meal of the day. This is not breaking news or a paradigm-shift that warrants a book deal or a TED talk. It's just the simple truth. It's so important that I'm dedicating this blog post to review the merits of a consistent, balanced, and well-timed breakfast. No hype, no dancing girls, just good 'ol common sense in an uncommonly complicated world. Check out these 7 reasons to eat breakfast - daily.

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Can Money Buy Mental Toughness?

Posted by Phil Black


Volunteers Needed

The military needs more Navy SEALs - desperately. Even though the number of men volunteering for Navy SEAL training (aka BUD/S) has been rising - thanks to the publicity of recent high profile missions and the “Lone Survivor” movie - the attrition rate (often reaching 80%) still makes it challenging to meet the growing demand for freshly-minted SEALs. Not only is the traditional process not producing enough SEALs to meet demand, but it’s costing the Navy millions.

To combat this, the Navy has spent years trying to figure out how to get more SEAL trainees through the front door. An alternative strategy is to find a way to increase the yield of successful trainees already at BUD/S without lowering standards or diluting the legendary training experience. Either way, there is a growing need for more SEALs to make it through the back door.

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10 Strategies to Cope with Injury

Posted by Phil Black



Injury can be one of the few harsh downsides of an active lifestyle.  I've strung together a longer-than-I-care-to-admit streak of nagging injuries that have really cramped my style - including a fresh shoulder injury that's taking its toll on my psyche.

When you're a fitness professional, and a big part of your life and identity is being active, staying active, and promoting an active lifestyle - injuries create additional challenges and pressures.

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Are you a Creator or Consumer?

Posted by Phil Black


Today's World

Over the last few years, I've noticed that most people fall into one of two camps -  Creators or Consumers. Where do you fall?


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Part 4: Lessons Learned from Shark Tank

Posted by Phil Black


Shark Tank Chronicles: Part 1
Shark Tank Chronicles: Part 2
Shark Tank Chronicles: Part 3

Experience of a Lifetime

Swimming with the Sharks was one of the most professionally and personally challenging things I've ever done. Though I didn't get a deal, the learnings around the process were significant. Here is a 5:00+ minute highlight reel of the segment in case you missed it.


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Part 3: Shark Tank Taping Day

Posted by Phil Black


The Shark Tank Chronicles: Part 3
The Shark Tank Chronicles: Part 2
The Shark Tank Chronicles: Part 1

Tune-in this Friday, 1/24, 9pm, ABC (tell your friends)


The long-anticipated morning had finally arrived. It was taping day. We all jammed into the white vans again and got dropped off at the site. This time, we arrived in a parking lot with a bunch of trailers from the 70s. Awesome! We were told to hang out and be ready for the call. They were unclear about what order we would be taped, so we had to remain flexible.

I began to search for my trailer. I soon discovered that each trailer had a fancy placard attached to it with each company's name. But there was a catch. For privacy reasons, they did not post the company's exact name. Instead of FitDeck, my fancy placard said "F Deck". Wow, sneaky!  That was a toughie. A 6'7" person with a FitDeck t-shirt walking in and out of a trailer that was called "F Deck".  So much for confidentiality.

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Part 2: Chumming the Waters

Posted by Phil Black



In this post, I share what happened in the days leading up to my Shark Tank taping. Like any high-pressure event, there were all kinds of mishaps and follies that nearly conspired to blow up my whole gig. Enjoy the wreckage.



Before the big day, I had a lot of prep work. When you're on Shark Tank, you cannot display any website url of any kind on any product, t-shirt, or poster. Everything must be sanitized. The reason they do this is funny - and disturbing at the same time. If Company XYZ gets on Shark Tank and splashes all over the place, and then goes out of business, there are some nefarious players out there who will buy the url from the dissolved company and put up a pornographic website under the same web address. Then, when the episode airs overseas or as a re-run, and people search for, they'll get an eyeful.

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Part 1: Phil Black Swims on SHARK TANK

Posted by Phil Black



Of all of the nerve-wracking things I've done in my life, pitching my business on ABC's Shark Tank probably ranks in the Top 5. What an experience!

For those not familiar with the show, Shark Tank is a reality TV show that offers entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their business ideas to five multimillionaire investors (Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec). The entrepreneur has five minutes to convince any or all of the Sharks to invest in their business. Within 15 minutes, the Sharks must decide to invest or pass on the opportunity.

My episode airs on Friday, January 24th on ABC (9-10pm). The lead up to this experience was as intense as it gets. I put in a lot of time, self-reflection, and practice. In a word - I over-prepared. Over-preparation has served me well in the past and I was banking on its magical powers again.

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